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    Branson & the Surrounding Areas

    Branson & Surrounding Areas


    Let’s take a tour around the towns! Here are the approximate distances and travel times.


    ♦ A to B: Shell Knob to Blue Eye: 21.1 miles, about 28 minutes

    ♦ B to C: Blue Eye to Lampe: 6.4 miles, about 9 minutes

    ♦ C to D: Lampe to Kimberling City: 6.2 miles, about 10 minutes

    ♦ D to E: Kimberling City to Branson West/Reeds Spring: 6.5 miles, about 12 minutes

    ♦ E to F: Branson West to Cape Fair: 12.1 miles, about 18 minutes

    ♦ F to G: Cape Fair back to Branson West

    ♦ G to H: Branson West to Branson 11.6 miles, about 22 minutes (to downtown).

    ♦ H to I: Branson to Hollister, 2.0 miles, about 4 minutes

    ♦ I to J: Hollister to Ridgedale 10.2 miles, about 14 minutes

    ♦ J to K: Ridgedale, back to Hollister

    ♦ K to L: Hollister to Forsyth 13.1 miles, about 24 minutes


    *All mileage is approximate. Map & mileage courtesy of Google Maps.